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Click Traffic

Click Traffic

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Online advertising has become an ever growing trend. Companies and organisations are willing to pay advertising fees in order to attract visitors to their website. Today, the demand of traffic has evolved into a whole new market known as click traffic. Different providers use various model to attract visitors to their clients’ sites. For example, the Google AdWords use the pay-per-click model, while other providers offer this service in bulk.


We offer click traffic packages that will attract visitors to your website. We guarantee that 100% of the traffic generated by the package is from real visitors. Your website or online advertisements will be shown in full page views and it will be opened for at least 30 seconds. Therefore, visitors will easily see your advertised website and click on it. We also guarantee that a percentage of those visitors will click on the area you want. You can also choose your desired click ratio. You can choose between 0.1% and 30%, and the origin of the traffic can also be arranged according to the requirements of the search engine or directory site.


Many potential clients are worried about using SPAM and other dishonest techniques. We guarantee that our click traffic package do not use these techniques. 100% of the traffic we deliver came from a legitimate source. We also avoid sending mass emails or spamming newsgroups. Lastly, we avoid using unethical techniques to ensure that our clients’ website will get real visitors and legitimate traffic. Traffic will be distributed within 15 days.


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