Be Aware with this Scam Review of

Outsourcing services from internet-based companies can be cost-effective and efficient for most businesses; however, one must be aware if a company they will be dealing with is just a scam. Because negotiations and deals are not usually done face to face, being a victim of scam such as those who have cloned our website is very much possible. Best if you could check on scam review pages online to confirm whether a business is legitimate or not prior to providing any of your company’s information especially if you will be making a payment.
A scam website will not deliver on whatever you have agreed with. The worst part is that once you have given your payment details such as your credit card number, you might also be stolen from you. Emcbilisim is a respected company when it comes to online marketing, web development, e-commerce, advertising and a lot more. If searched via Google, you will come up with However, there’s another website in existence with the URL So how would you know which one is legit and which one’s a scam?
First and foremost, it would be best if you check on customer reviews. Most online businesses that you may want to be aware of should have at least a few reviews from previous clients. Most likely, the website that will be on top of the first page of popular search engines such as Google has more chances of becoming legitimate than another that won’t even be in the first few pages. A scam review such as this should also be able to give you enough knowledge whether or not you should trust a certain website.
A legitimate company would most likely have a business address and contact number listed on Google. Most of the time, when you search it, there will be a map and other important details right on the first page of the search results. If it’s a scam, most likely you will find a non-existent address. You can double check on the address if it’s listed on Google maps with the same business name. If you’re lucky, you may even have a company name listed on if you check on the URL’s owner.
Last but definitely important as well, you must check on the quality of the website. Does it look cluttered or unprofessional? In the case of emcbilisim, since services involve mostly online marketing assistance and even design, you should see a more extravagant-looking website that’s neatly organized and easy to access and not a website that seems to have been built with extremely low budget or even a free template. Check on the social media accounts of the company because most likely, you may verify from there the activities, updates as well as customer interaction.
Do yourself a favor and be aware of the website you are dealing with otherwise you might be dealing with a bigger problem in the future.