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PR 3-7 RSS Submissions

 -  $14.49
PR 3-7 RSS Submissions

SEO Service $4 - 12 PR 3-7 RSS Submissions

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Submitting RSS feed to RSS directories is one way of directing traffic to your website. Not only will you get traffic to your website, submission to RSS directories can also draw the attention of search engines. It is another way of improving the visibility the website online. 12 PR 3-7 RSS Submissions will improve your website’s ranking because the URL link and data indicated under the submission description.


Search engines value websites that are part of directories. That’s why it is important to submit your RSS feed directories where the websites and information about the site. The websites are listed according to their categories. It allows users to recognise your website and brand.


12 PR 3-7 RSS submissions provide quality backlinks to your website. Search engines rank websites with backlinks higher compared to those without them. The more quality backlinks, the better the ranking in the search engine results page. And when you add new content to your website, the RSS feed will update and will direct visitors to the website.


We provide 12 PR 3-7 RSS submissions for $14.49. Or you can opt for 24 RSS submissions for $28.98. The RSS submissions are high quality backlinks, and we will manually submit them to avoid being flagged as spam. The job will take three to five days to complete. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about the service we provide.


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