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In this era aptly christened information age, using the popular Twitter, Facebook, Google and PInterest networks to increase traffic to your website is a must. However, using 1200 social signals boost pack is by far the easiest way to increase traffic – and much less tedious. The 1200 social signals boost pack uses the four social media platforms by binding their signals to each other, and then boosting your website traffic almost three times more.


The reason why the 1200 social signals boost pack is popular is simply because; search engines like Bing and Google are now using data from current social networks to aptly determine how high to PageRank your website. In other words, you literally have no choice, but to use the social media. This further promotes, albeit indirectly, the success and growth of the 1200 social signals boost pack.


A reason why you must acquire the 1200 social signals boost pack is, first, convenience. You no longer need to worry about traffic coming to your site, at least not when you are receiving almost 120 permanent signals per day. The 1200 social signals boost pack uses Humming Bird Update, Penguin, Panda and White Hat SEO techniques, and its generally SEO friendly. The beauty of it all: signals are fully ready after 10 days.


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