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Full SEO Audit

SEO Service $4 - Full SEO Audit

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A full SEO audit will be beneficial for a new website or an existing one. It doesn’t matter whether the website has several pages or more than a thousand, SEO audits could help the website achieve its goals. It should be performed at least twice a year.


When the website doesn’t perform well in terms of traffic or people are not subscribing to the newsletter, then an SEO audit is required. It looks at the external and internal factors that affect the performance of the website. It looks at the content, traffic, code, and the competition to find strengths, opportunities and challenges. The result is usually in the form of recommendations that will help you meet the goals you want to achieve.


An SEO audit increases targeted traffic of the website as well as its market share. It improves the online visibility of the branding in the parts of the internet used by the target audience. An action plan will be created that shows what needs to be done and the results to be expected.


When you get our full SEO Audit, you will get domain analysis, keywords analysis, top competitors analysis, website code errors checking, and the link and backlinks popularity analysis. We also show what you can do to improve your website’s SEO. We provide a step by step analysis on how to develop the website and bolster its ranking on search engine results page.


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