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Innovative SEO

Innovative SEO plan

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Running a commercial website can be demanding. The main concern is always to increase the user traffic directed to the website. Establishing a sound SEO strategy is vital when seeking user traffic directed from search engines. Staying at the top of SERPs guarantees constantly growing user traffic levels to maintain and grow your sales/conversion levels. Innovative SEO Plan is tailored for commercial websites serving a specific niche.


The plan is very simple and at the same time very effective. We only use pure whitehat methods to rank your keywords and the results will speak for itself. Here is what we`ll do for you:


- Build complete micro-sites on the biggest websites of the world;

- Micro-sites will have pages, menus, unique content, everything;

- Each micro-site is unique and all are created manually during a 4 weeks period;

- We will promote up to 100 keywords on each micro-site;

- Cost per keyword is very low and at the same time very effective;

- 100% rate of success so far;

- Pure whitehat – 0% Penalties risks;
You will receive complete log in details for each microsite. This way you can start managing the strategy yourself in the upcoming months. Or let us continue posting new content on monthly basis, so we can ensure continuous growth of your website.

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