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PR 1 Backlinks

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They say only high PR backlinks will benefit your website. But if you can’t get high PR backlink, then it might be better for your website to get more than a thousand backlinks from low PR websites. Experts say that a single high PR backlink is equivalent to thousands of low PR backlinks. PR 1 backlinks are more affordable. Just make sure that they are of good quality or else they would hurt your website than help its search engine results page ranking.


Backlinks are important to the SEO of a website. They are the building block of a good SEO campaign. Search engines use the number of inbound links to a site to determine its relevance. The more quality backlinks a website has, the higher the ranking. Google gives more credit to websites with backlinks than the ones without them.


Search engines look for links that are built slowly over time. That’s why we provide PR 1 backlinks that grow slowly over time. We would add several links within the next couple of days and then the amount would steadily increase over time. This would make it look like it is a natural growth for the website.


For just $14.49, we provide over a thousand PR 1 backlinks that are permanent. All links are verified as stated in the detailed submission report we provide to our clients once the job is done.


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