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Reputation Management

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Reputation Management

Reputation Management

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Does your company have bad reviews or negative comments that appear in top 10 when searching your name or business name? We`re here to help! We can improve your reputation by promoting your assets to show up higher than the bad pages that you want removed.


As easy as it seems to accomplish,  it isn`t. Usually these kind of bad reviews are there to stick. So we`ll need to write high quality SEO content and push it up in your SERPs. We do this by posting it under your own Social profiles, Your website pages and other new Posts that we will create independently.
This process should be done monthly, as you can`t predict exactly how soon the bad reviews will go down. It may take 1 or 3 months. Once down, we`ll need to resume promotion at lowest levels in order to prevent them to climb back into top.
We offer 3 levels of Reputation Management Service

  • Basic Plan (we`ll write 2 SEO Articles and promote 10 assets of your own to dominate the SERPs)
  • Medium Plan (we`ll write 4 SEO Articles and promote 15 assets of your own, thus getting more chances of success)
  • Aggressive Plan (we`ll write 6 SEO Articles and promote 20 assets of your own, which brings high rate of success)

Promotion of your assets consists in creating quality backlinks in which we`ll promote the pages that you want to appear in top 10 while searching your company name or personal name. Depending on the plan you`ll choose, we will adjust the offpage SEO process accordingly.
You will receive full reports after 1 month of work


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