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Special Traffic

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When you run a website one of the most important things is obviously that people see your content. Special Traffic is a great way to direct traffic to your site. What makes Special Traffic special is the amount of control you have over the way in which the traffic is directed, and all traffic comes from a direct visit. Special Traffic provides genuine views to your webpage, and there is never any spam used in the process.


The program is supported in all countries worldwide, and you will normally see the traffic coming in within 15 days.


When using Special Traffic your advertisement or website will open for a minimum of 30 seconds and you full URL will always be viewable. The traffic that will be directed to your website comes from a variety of places, there is a very big network of sites that your advertisement would be displayed on, and we also make use of some dead websites which still receive large amounts of traffic. These methods insure people actually view your site rather than just having a quick look, and it disappears; therefore, it will make more of an impression than a very fast pop up.


As previously mentioned, one of the most important things about Special Traffic is that all traffic is generated without the use of spam. This is important because genuine traffic is important to your website, spam has negative connotations, which we make sure are avoided for your website.


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