Enhance your SEO campaign with Social signals

A revolution in SEO advertising, the Social Signals scheme, is a relatively new technique to advertise your business in a big way. The age of social media dominance has arrived and with its new and previously unknown methods of advertising that are much cheaper in the long run than conventional advertising methods. The theory behind the manual social signals is the overwhelming popularity of some particular social sites and that information can be shared freely through them to reach previously unobtainable audiences.

Let us look at Facebook: a person uploads an image or video and shares it. This immediately is shown on the “news feed” of all the friends connected to that person. A like on it will again show up on the like giver’s feed, and another share will reach a new group of friends. A system that ensures that a particular image is liked or shared a certain number of times will ensure that the image is circulated through for a good amount of time and that it does not decay out of existence. Theoretically, with enough likes and shares, the image can be propagated to a massive audience in seemingly no time at all.

Now imagine if that the image was an advertisement for your company or product. A normal advertisement would rely on visitors going or looking past it, becoming interested, and then maybe clicking on it. Now, the manual social signals are different in the way that it is not stagnant. It is constantly pushing itself towards the group that is interested in it. It follows the users and not the other way around. It does so, in seemingly a blink of an eye, just at the clicks of a few buttons. The audience you seek is eventually found out and targeted. The ad can be said to be a constantly evolving one, as opposed to the stationary ads of convention.

Through the wonders of White Hat SEO algorithms, this system, the manual social signals, is set up in such a way that you will get a massive amount of exposure on all of the main social sites which include Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, and Pinterest.

As for concerns of errors or reposts, all the work is done manually and checked frequently to ensure maximum duration and coverage. Over 1200 social signals are sure to be generated every single day, and since it lasts a long time, for a fixed deposit of only around $40, your advertisement can become permanent and seemingly immortal. Not to be vexed by any contingencies, all these likes, shares, retweets, reposts, and other mentioned manual social signals are all linked to each other! That ensures complete and utter regeneration of views for a good amount of time.

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