The Best Links for Your Website


For most of us, .gov and .edu are just top level domain but to SEO’s, those letters mean a lot. These links are highly valued by search engine algorithms. If one can get some high quality .gov links pointing on their site, they can expect for a significant boost with their rankings in terms of search engine. Compared to links from .net and .com, these backlinks provide more link juice and weight.


What are Backlinks?

Backlinks are also known as inbound links, inward links, and incoming links to a web page or a website. It is any link received by a web page or top level domain from another. Experts in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) would definitely agree that backlinks from government and education websites are considered as authority links and more powerful compared with regular websites. The simple explanation for this is because there are limited government and education sites that were heavily linked both locally and globally because of the service they are providing. They will attract more links than the usual links.


  • Top Level Domains like .com and .net are the most popular and most expensive but not really the most important.
  • The website’s trust rating is far more significant than its cost for setting up.
  • Domains such as .gov and .edu have a special level of trust and are highly regarded by search providers like Bing, Yahoo and Google.
  • Acquiring backlinks from such domains can enhance one’s website rank. These backlinks are treasured because search providers rely on these sites to provide quality content with nothing but quality referencing.
  • Your website can have a higher trust rank by having highly trusted websites, and that is no other than academic learning and government websites linking back on your own website.


How to get .EDU and .GOV backlinks Work for You

  1. One of the easiest ways to build backlinks is by commenting on blogs. Start looking for blogs to comment on as you begin creating a .gov and .edu backlink profile. You can look for blogs based on your desired keywords and choose the type of blogs you would want to see. From there, you can opt for .gov or .edu blogs and have the relevant blogs, depending on your keyword, keep the conversation going.
  2. Recognise and feature some .edu or .gov bloggers in one of your post so they can link you back in return. Small recognition or awards such as “best university blogs” were sure to grab attention and one can hope for a backlink out of gratification.
  3. If your webpage offers useful information on a certain subject, you may use it and get inside the resource pages of the university. Resource pages are commonly used for linking out to other sites wherein students can gather useful data for a particular subject.

While there are still people who doubt on how powerful .edu and .gov backlinks and don’t know how beneficial they are, many still concur that such domains are highly trusted and opted by link builders because of their domain authority.