The Key to High Ranking Search

Most of us know that we need to have backlinks from trusted websites for us to have high ranks in Google Search. Regardless if it’s a DoFollow or NoFollow backlinks, as long as it is from high PageRanks and authority websites backlinks, it is important for our site’s reputation.

Considering that the best backlinks in ranking keywords, in the search engines are PR9 backlinks, most SEO beginners would waste their time putting links on the home page of the site. Although there are many internet marketers that are trying to acquire such links from the PR9 website, it is not easy to get one because of the following reasons:


  • The price of a PR9 domain name is so expensive and may cost a fortune
  • Purchasing backlinks from domain’s home page is highly forbidden by Google as it becomes unnatural backlinks.
  • There are plenty of websites that sell fake home page links of PR website


Getting Backlinks from PR9 Website

PageRank 9 (PR9) is highly acknowledged by reputable sites. One can still get PR9 links absolutely free by using some techniques and having PR9 DoFollow backlink from trusted sites:


  1. Others were able to get PR9 links by using web profiles. Web profiles are based on user’s performance and provide backlinks that are more natural and does not harm one’s website ranking.
  2. Search for the best sites that have a reputable rank on search engines and do have a huge trust and popularity both for users and search engines. Acquiring backlinks from these sites will provide you high rankings in search engine.
  3. Google + , one of the leading social media sites, will provide your site high quality backlinks
  4. YouTube can be also a good source of PR9 backlinks. One can easily add their link in the about or Description Section; however, these are NoFollow Backlinks. Only the associated website tab on YouTube can get you a DoFollow backlink.
  5. Another option is by answering on Yahoo Answers. It will give you PR9 backlinks but only the NoFollow backlink


Aside from these techniques, others may acquire trusted backlinks when they buy PR9 links. Various websites are now offering PR9 site links and packages. Some of it includes PR9 backlinks and DoFollow links that are permanent and comes from high authority websites. Users can use the service for promoting their Facebook page, Twitter page, or anything they would like to link it with. It also comes in different languages.

Nowadays, to be successful in SEO, people must base their businesses by setting up an efficient mixed method that consists of a great content and trusted links such as PR9 backlinks. It supports each other by providing value to readers and at the same time, conveying your content and building your site’s authority. Always keep in mind that quality is far more important than quantity in building links. A relevant and reputable link will help you gain such authority. Google will highly appreciate if your link comes from highly recognised sites.

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