Understanding Domain Trust Flow

The Majestic SEO tool is an advanced tool that can be described as software and it is used by SEO professionals and web developers when evaluating their websites. The main agenda of the web developers and the SEO analyst is to perform link audits and link processing. Domain Trust Flow is one of the metrics that is employed by majestic flow SEO, and it uses a weighted number of clicks from a certain set of sites that are trusted by the analyst to the specific domain.

What is Website Trust Flow?

This can be described as a metric that is used to tell or predict how trustworthy a page is based on the number of the trustworthy websites that link to it. This metric was developed by Majestic SEO. In Google, it can be compared to the Google’s page rank algorithm which is used to rank websites on the search engine. Therefore the domain trust flow is an algorithm within the majestic SEO.

When using domain trust flow to tell how trusted a website is, a set of websites that are classified as authoritative are used as the seed or what we may call baseline. When the weighted number of clicks is calculated, the further away the value is from the baseline, the lower the domain trust flow. On the other side, the closer the value is to the baseline, the higher the domain trust flow. Domain trust flow helps to identify if a website has any spam links linked to it. Once this is done, any dirty links are cleaned.

Why Domain Trust Flow is Important

With the extinction of the page rank metrics, the domain trust flow becomes important metric. Therefore, the more influential links that link to a certain blog are the more influential the content and subsequently the website too. This, therefore, means that the content on that particular website is high quality and that is why there are many credible links pointing to it. This is an important metric to the SEO analyst because this will show that the website is providing good data. This domain trust flow is calculated often to determine the most current score of the website.

A website might be having many backlinks pointing to it. This does not mean it has quality content, and this can only be determined by calculating the website trust flow. If those links are trusted, this gives a base to determine the content that is valuable. On the other side if the website trust flow of the backlinks is low, then the website is not considered to have quality content. However, this is not enough to condemn the content. This could be because the links don’t contain relevant information.

To maintain a high website trust flow, it is good to make sure that the links you point to contain some credible information, and that is related to your website content. Otherwise, pointing to websites that don’t have relevant content will not help in building a high domain trust flow.

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