Web2. Micro blogging: The Perfect SEO Solution

Optimizing your website for search engines can be really tricky. With the various trends, myths and tips out there, it can be quite difficult to determine what strategy you should take in order to rank higher in search engines.

One of the best ways to optimize a website is by increasing the backlinks that it will be able to get. Backlinks actually play an important role in SEO because through these; search engines are able to determine the relevancy of your site, therefore, determining your PageRank. These days, micro blogging is one good way for you to increase the high PR backlinks you will be getting.

What is Web 2 Micro blogging?

Micro blogging is an SEO technique which combines blogging and instant messaging. In this technique, website owners to create short but direct to the point messages that they can post on their social media profile. Various social media sites, such as Twitter, allow these messages to be sent on your followers’ mobile phones, providing an easy way to provide valuable information to your prospective clients and loyal visitors.

The Benefits of Web 2 Micro blogging

These days, a lot of website owners have employed this SEO technique in order to drive more traffic to their sites. What makes micro blogging an effective technique is because of the different benefits that it can provide?

For one, it would not take too much time to create micro blog post, allowing you to provide tidbits of information to your followers without taking too much of your time. With the help of Web 2 micro blogging, you can get to build brand awareness, expand your business network and update your followers with various important updates. This type of blogging also allows you to easily give and receive feedback from your consumers. Last but not the least, it allows quick syndication of your content.

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