PDF Sharing and High Authority Backlinks at a Glance

It goes almost without saying that since Google started placing value on backlinks and sites creating link pyramids became one of the best link building strategies.  It is effective for a number of reasons. For starters, the strategy aims to create a network of SEO links that are related. This easily optimizes a site and makes it rank higher faster than it would if other methods were used. The strategy works by lifting all related websites in the link pyramid. For this to happen, one has to make sure that he has high authority backlinks.

Why High Authority Backlinks are good

The reason is simple.  Web 2.0 websites are counted as high authority sites by Google. This means that any link from a web 2.0 website can help your site to rank higher.  It does not matter if the link is on a page rank 0 domain or not. As long as it is from a 2.0 website that is indexed, it will help your search engine marketing in a big way.  Web 2.0 sites are simply sites like or Squidoo. In other words, they allow users to add their own content.

For your doc sharing linkpyramid strategy to work, you will have to sign up with at least four document sharing sites. WordPress, Squidoo and Hubpages happen to be the most reliable web 2.0 sites, so make good use of them.

You will also need to make good use of social media accounts and ensure that you create a link pyramid of all your PDF sharing sites.  Start with Facebook, Google plus and twitter. Then take advantage of all the popular and reputable social bookmarking sites like Stumbleupon and Reddit.  Finally, understand what each step of a dock sharing link pyramid does. The first step is simple and involves submitting articles to article directories. The second step is all about signing up and submitting content to the aforementioned web 2.0 sites. The third step which makes the second layer of the doc sharing link pyramid is all about signing up for social media and bookmarking sites.  The fourth step is all about getting backlinks from blogs and the articles director sites you submitted your articles to.


It is easy to think that doc sharing link pyramid is safe and effective. It is not. Doc sharing link pyramid can only be effective if done in the right way.   To reap the maximum benefits, do not use the same anchor text on all your high authority backlinks. You should also keep off from software programs that claim to make thousands of high authority backlinks at once.  They will only land you in problems and may result your site being de-indexed by Google.