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1 Month SEO Plan

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Full SEO Management can help you with search engine rankings. SEO techniques are needed to get the website to the top, and that is what this package achieves. For top rankings on Google, an onsite optimisation and offsite optimisation of the website play a major role. These constitute Full SEO Management to help improve the rankings of your website.


Best SEO Solutions Company offers Full SEO Management package valued at $500 for websites that need full optimisation to rank high. Before the company offers this service, it will study your target market and assess the competition to see which competitive keywords are predominantly used by visitors. Once the study is achieved, the company will offer its services.


Full SEO Management is offered for both new and existing websites. With regard to newly built websites, Best SEO Solutions will analyse your website; do keyword research and benchmarking; organise content, do on-page and off-page optimisation for Full SEO Management. For existing websites, the company will analyse the website thoroughly; audit the content; plan how to improve it; and optimise the website for high rankings results.


On-page optimisation entails content optimisation, Meta optimisation, image optimisation, canonical error correction, integration of SEO techniques and analytics, inter-page links, and image optimisation. On the other hand, off-page optimisation entails submission of articles to directories, creating forum profiles, commenting on blogs, submitting content to social media, submitting Wiki pages, and link wheels. All these are offered in Full SEO Management package.


Moreover, Full SEO Management package offered by Best SEO Solutions includes social media marketing. This includes improvement of Google Plus profiles, Facebook likes, Twitter followers, LinkedIn contacts and social media planning. All these are done by experts in SEO and SEM. Communication with you via Skype is imperative in this service.
Our process:
For new websites
- Complete study and analysis of website
- Keyword research and benchmarking
- Content planning ( Client has to provide content)
- On page SEO
- Off Page SEO
For existing websites
- Detailed analysis of current website
- Audit of site architecture , content
- Further improvement plan
- Strategy and execution for better Search engine page results
Exclusive On Page SEO service
- Content optimization
- Image optimization
- Meta optimization
- Analytics and SEO tools integration
- Interpage linking
- Canonical error correction
Exclusive Off page SEO solutions
- Article submission
- Wiki pages submission
- Forum profiles
- Blog comments
- Social media submission
- Link wheels
Social media marketing
1. Social media planning
2. Facebook likes
3. Twitter followers
4. Linked in contacts
5. Google Plus profiles

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