Yahoo! Answers Service

Back in June 28, 2005, Yahoo! launched a knowledge market where the online community gets the chance to participate in a question-and-answer site. Everyone who has been registered can submit questions on different topics and categories and answer the questions asked by others. Most of the time, users give manual answers instead of using any kinds of software to create them.

Formerly known as Yahoo! Q & A, Yahoo! Answers allow its members to earn points as a way of encouraging more participation on the site. Yahoo! Answer is available in 12 languages including English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Italian, among other languages. With about 15 million users worldwide visiting on a daily basis, the statistics shown back in December 2006 proved that Yahoo! Answers is one of the leading Q&A website on the internet. As of right now, comScore claimed that Yahoo! Answers comes at number two on the rank of the most popular Q&A site on the web.

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